Recife (Brazil)

Recife is a big city in Western Brazil, locatedont the Atlantic Ocean. Recife was also one of the cities, that hosted the FIFA soccer world cup between 1950 and 2014. The city's climate is a tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures are relatively constant, close to 30 C throughout the year and most of the rain falls from April to July. The city is one of the largest Brazilian trade centers, because it has an international airport, as well as two international ports. The city's main attraction are indeed its fabulous sandy beaches, which are located in the very center of the city in the shade of the tower blocks. The city also has a number of old churches and museums, as well as one of the most popular Brazilian football league teams. Regarding its crime statistics, Recife is in the Brazilian middle range. Robberies are common, mainly on buses and in the streets, and it should be completely avoided to go into the center during night time and on Sundays.

Population: 1,555,039
Beach : Yes
Mountain : No
Popular destination: No
Official language: Portuguese
Skill level of the English language : Moderate
Emergency numbers: 190 (poliisi), 192 (ambulanssi), 193 (palokunta)
Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)
Electric plugs: C, N
Voltage: 127 V, 220 V
Tipping in a restaurant: A tip is not expected. A 10% service charge is often added to the bill.
Time in destination: Jan 18, 2021, 5:09:24 AM

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Weather Forecast








Rain showers



Partly cloudy



Light rain showers








Monthly Weather Conditions

Month Average Temperature °F High Temperature °F Low Temperature °F Rainy Days Rating
January 79.9 86.4 72.3 6
February 79.9 86.4 72.7 7
March 79.7 86.0 72.9 8
April 78.6 85.5 72.7 11
May 77.4 84.0 71.4 13
June 76.1 83.8 70.9 17
July 75.2 81.1 70.0 16
August 75.0 81.5 69.1 13
September 76.3 82.6 69.3 8
October 77.9 84.2 70.5 5
November 78.6 86.2 71.4 3
December 79.3 86.4 72.0 4

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Price Level

Compared to prices worldwide, Recife is quite a cheap destination.

On a tight budget, the daily budget is approximately $44.31, which includes hostel accommodation, budget meals and public transportation.

On a moderate budget, the daily budget is approximately $121.79, which includes a moderately priced hotel, meals at moderate priced restaurants and transportation costs.

Estimated prices:

  • Hotel (2 stars): $36.20
  • Hotel (3 stars): $58.19
  • Hotel (4 stars): $83.33
  • Hotel (5 stars): $134.99
  • Taxi ride (3 miles): $3.69
  • Taxi ride (6 miles): $6.47
  • Beer in a restaurant (16 ounces): $1.32
  • Meal, McDonalds: $5.12
  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $3.79

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Recife has been classified as quite dangerous with security classification 2/5.

Safety index values (higher is better):

  • General: 23.9 (weaker than United states average 47.9)
  • Walking alone during daytime hours: 31.8 (weaker than United states average 69.5)
  • Walking alone at night: 6.4 (weaker than United states average 41.7)

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Car Rental

Things which affect the renting of the car:

  • Driver’s license: An international driving license is generally recommended, but not necessarily required.
  • Direction of traffic: In South America the traffic is right-handed. The only exceptions to this are Guyana and Suriname.
  • Age restrictions: In Argentina the age limit for driving is 21 years.
  • Roads, bridges and tunnels with toll: Geography of toll roads North and South America

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