Brazil in the largest country of South America and it is know for football and carnivals. The country has a lot of variety from the urban bustle of the large cities to the calm of the Amazon rainforest. The most popular landmarks are the Iguazu Falls and the huge statue of the Christ, Cristo Redentor. The country also has a coastline known for its stunning beaches. Brazil is also known for being one of the most tolerant countries towards same-sex pairs. The architecture from the colonial times is also worth seeing.

Population: 201,104,000
Neighboring countries: Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina
Official language: Portuguese
Skill level of the English language : Moderate
Emergency numbers: 190 (poliisi), 192 (ambulanssi), 193 (palokunta)
Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)
Electric plugs: C, N
Voltage: 127 V, 220 V
Tipping in a restaurant: A tip is not expected. A 10% service charge is often added to the bill.
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