Miami (United states)

Miami is a famous beach town on the Atlantic Ocean in the east of the United States. Miami's most famous attraction is the sandy beach with the same name in the center of the city, where it is sunny and warm throughout the year. In the center of Miami is also a considerable number of tall tower blocks, that make it easy to identify the city's skyline. The city also has one of Latin America's biggest cultural centers and a Spanish-speaking majority.

Population: 19,900,000
Beach : Yes
Mountain : No
Popular destination: Yes
Official language: English
Emergency numbers: 911 (the police, ambulance, fire brigade)
Currency: United States dollar (USD)
Electric plugs: A, B
Voltage: 120 V
Tipping in a restaurant: A 15 to 20% tip on a meal is expected, depending on the service. 15% if it was ok, and 20% for excellent service.
Time in destination: Jan 26, 2021, 7:35:50 PM

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Weather Forecast


Clear sky









Partly cloudy






Partly cloudy



Light rain showers


Monthly Weather Conditions

Miami is a great destination all year round, with perfect weather every month. Most rain falls between April and October but the temperature is higher then than in other months, so it's summer rain that won't diminish opportunities to visit great places.

Miami's peak season runs from January through April. The summer months of June to September are, relatively speaking, the quieter months, but Miami still gets many travellers during at these times, making it a year round destination.

Month Average Temperature °F High Temperature °F Low Temperature °F Rainy Days Rating
January 67.3 75.2 59.2 5
February 68.5 76.5 60.4 4
March 71.8 79.2 64.2 4
April 75.2 82.4 67.8 4
May 78.6 85.3 72.1 9
June 81.3 87.6 75.0 13
July 82.6 89.1 76.3 13
August 82.8 89.1 76.6 15
September 81.9 87.8 75.9 14
October 78.3 84.6 72.1 10
November 73.6 80.4 66.7 7
December 69.1 76.6 61.5 4

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Miami 10 most important sights:

  • Miami Beach: The area is known for its popular beaches and Art Deco District, with pastel buildings from the 1930s sporting classic neon signs.
  • Art Deco District: These pastel-colored historic structures display neon signs and awnings that cover outdoor dining areas.
  • South Beach: Located at the southern end of Miami Beach, where Art Deco buildings line the waterfront road, this is the most famous and popular section of Miami Beach.
  • Ocean Drive: Ocean Drive runs along the oceanfront in Miami Beach, passing historic Art Deco buildings and the famous strip of sand known as South Beach.
  • Bayside Marketplace: Bayside Marketplace is a large, outdoor-style mall with more than 150 specialty and tourist shops, numerous cafes and restaurants, and daily live entertainment.
  • Bayfront Park: Bayfront Park, on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard, was redesigned in the 1980s.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of Miami's greatest treasures, with stunning architecture, grounds and artwork.
  • Little Havana and Calle Ocho: A neighborhood of Miami that is home to many Cuban immigrant residents, as well as many residents from Central and South America.
  • American Airlines Arena: American Airlines Arena is home of the NBA's Miami Heat.
  • Zoo Miami: Zoo Miami houses more than 2,000 wild animals in a cageless environment that gives the animals settings similar to their natural habitats; visitors get the feeling of embarking on an safari.

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Price Level

Compared to prices worldwide, Miami is an expensive destination.

On a tight budget, the daily budget is approximately $93.29, which includes hostel accommodation, budget meals and public transportation.

On a moderate budget, the daily budget is approximately $383.18, which includes a moderately priced hotel, meals at moderate priced restaurants and transportation costs.

Estimated prices:

  • Hotel (2 stars): $122.92
  • Hotel (3 stars): $202.96
  • Hotel (4 stars): $279.09
  • Hotel (5 stars): $416.10
  • Taxi ride (3 miles): $11.81
  • Taxi ride (6 miles): $20.22
  • Beer in a restaurant (16 ounces): $4.98
  • Meal, McDonalds: $7.98
  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $14.96

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Destination Map

Destination map in full scale: Miami destination map


Miami has been classified as quite dangerous with security classification 2/5.

Safety index values (higher is better):

  • General: 46.9 (a little weaker than United states average 47.9)
  • Walking alone during daytime hours: 65.2 (weaker than United states average 69.6)
  • Walking alone at night: 40.6 (a little weaker than United states average 41.7)

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Car Rental

Things which affect the renting of the car:

  • Driver’s license: It is recommended that the traveller should carry an international driving license as a translation of the Finnish driving license. Passport and a credit card are required to rent a car.
  • Direction of traffic: The traffic in the United States and Canada is right-handed.
  • Insurance: It is recommended to take a paid insurance for rental cars. Standard car insurances do not have an insurance retracted, if your travel insurance does not cover something related to leasing. Without an insurance the driver is responsible, if a crash occurs, or if the car gets stolen or broken up. If you get into a crash, the insurance of the person responsible for the accident may cover the cost for the damage on your rental car, but not in every case, so you should first call the police and it can be tricky to obtain a compensation. The exception to this is New York, where the law prescribes, that the insurance has to cover a minimal insurance for rental cars.
  • Driving in the wider area: Some rental companies do not allow the export of theirs cars over the state border, you should check that in advance.

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