Car rental - North america

Things which affect the renting of the car in North america:

  • Driverโ€™s license: It is recommended that the traveller should carry an international driving license as a translation of the Finnish driving license. Passport and a credit card are required to rent a car.
  • Direction of traffic: The traffic in the United States and Canada is right-handed.
  • Insurance: It is recommended to take a paid insurance for rental cars. Standard car insurances do not have an insurance retracted, if your travel insurance does not cover something related to leasing. Without an insurance the driver is responsible, if a crash occurs, or if the car gets stolen or broken up. If you get into a crash, the insurance of the person responsible for the accident may cover the cost for the damage on your rental car, but not in every case, so you should first call the police and it can be tricky to obtain a compensation. The exception to this is New York, where the law prescribes, that the insurance has to cover a minimal insurance for rental cars.
  • Driving in the wider area: Some rental companies do not allow the export of theirs cars over the state border, you should check that in advance.
  • Age restrictions: Almost always the driver (renter) must be 25 years of age or older, but some companies also rent cars more expensive to younger drivers.
  • Gearing: Cars have remarkably often automatic transmission, unless you specifically ask for a car with manual transmission.
  • Tolls: Tolls for roads and bridges are very common and the payment is usually done cash or by in advanced purchased toll labels. In some places are also local credit cards accepted. Some rental companies have their own electronic toll pay devices in their cars, which must be specified as an option in connection with the rental. Eg: Hertz & Avis.
  • Return in a different location: Large car rental companies often also allow the return of the car in a different state than the starting point, although it can be considerably costly.
  • Traffic: The traffic in the big cities, is very congested at almost all times of the day and inside the cities it is preferable to use public transportation or taxis.
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