Zaragoza (Spain)

Zaragoza is a city in the northeast of Spain, located at the source of Ebro River. The city's climate is Mediterranean-continental, so in winter the temperature is often only a few degrees Celsius, while it can reach 40 C in summer. The cold northeast wind, that blows often in the area, can make warm autumn days cold and even bring temperatures up to -15 C in the winter. The area's most famous attractions are the Roman Catholic church "Senora de Pilar" and the Moorish-fashioned palace "Palacio de la Aljaferia". The city also has numerous museums and other churches as well as the largest river aquarium of Europe."

Population: 679,624
Beach : No
Mountain : Yes
Popular destination: No
Official language: Spanish
Skill level of the English language : Moderate
Emergency numbers: 112 (the police, ambulance, fire brigade)
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Electric plugs: C, F
Voltage: 230 V
Tipping in a restaurant: It is common to tip 10% in the big cities if the service has been good. There is no tipping for less than good service.
Time in destination: Jan 27, 2021, 12:38:45 AM

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Monthly Weather Conditions

Month Average Temperature °F High Temperature °F Low Temperature °F Rainy Days Rating
January 43.5 50.5 36.3 4
February 47.1 55.9 38.3 4
March 51.6 61.9 41.4 4
April 55.4 65.7 45.3 5
May 63.0 73.8 52.2 6
June 70.3 81.9 58.6 4
July 76.1 88.7 63.7 3
August 75.9 87.8 64.0 2
September 69.3 80.1 58.5 3
October 59.9 69.3 50.5 5
November 50.0 57.7 42.4 5
December 44.8 51.3 38.3 5

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Price Level

Compared to prices worldwide, Zaragoza is an average price destination.

On a tight budget, the daily budget is approximately $61.59, which includes hostel accommodation, budget meals and public transportation.

On a moderate budget, the daily budget is approximately $187.99, which includes a moderately priced hotel, meals at moderate priced restaurants and transportation costs.

Estimated prices:

  • Basic hotel: $71.33
  • Taxi ride (3 miles): $13.06
  • Taxi ride (6 miles): $21.75
  • Beer in a restaurant (16 ounces): $3.04
  • Meal, McDonalds: $9.11
  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $13.37

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Zaragoza has been classified as quite dangerous with security classification 2/5.

Safety index values (higher is better):

  • General: 66.9 (better than United states average 47.9)
  • Walking alone during daytime hours: 82.8 (better than United states average 69.6)
  • Walking alone at night: 64.0 (better than United states average 41.7)

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Car Rental

Things which affect the renting of the car:

  • Driver’s license: In the European Union / Schengen a driver's license from an EU country is sufficient, although for North Americans it is recommended to carry a separate international driving license, in addition to the American driving license.
  • Direction of traffic: In Europe the traffic is mainly right-handed. The exception is Great Britain, which is left-handed traffic.
  • Insurance: In Western Europe, all rental cars include some kind of insurance, so additional insurance policies are often unnecessary (unless you are going to Russia or Eastern Europe).
  • Driving abroad: You can drive a rental car almost everywhere within all countries of the European Union / Schengen territory without additional fees. Eastern European countries and Russia are the exceptions and you should always ask the car rental company in advance about the rules.

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