Spain is one of Europe's southernmost countries and is well-known for its warm beaches as well as its history, culture and cuisine. Spain has been one of Finland's most popular travelling destination for decades. There are reasonably large Finnish communities in Spain and the Canary Islands that belong to it. The country has a wild nightlife and usually you can relax at the beach, party, visit museums and historical landmarks all in the same city!

Population: 46,506,000
Capital city: Madrid
Neighboring countries: Portugal, France, Morocco
Official language: Spanish
Skill level of the English language : Moderate
Emergency numbers: 112 (the police, ambulance, fire brigade)
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Electric plugs: C, F
Voltage: 230 V
Tipping in a restaurant: It is common to tip 10% in the big cities if the service has been good. There is no tipping for less than good service.
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