Sights - Munich (Germany)

9 Most Important Sights from Munich

Recommendation for one day

  1. There's a wonderful morning to be had at the English Garden, a very popular scenic park, more internaitonal than its name suggests, it contains a Greek temple, Chinese pagoda and Japanese tea house.
  2. Then on to Marienplatz, this prominent public square, the largest in Munich, stands as the center of social activity in the city, much as it has throughout history.
  3. Nearby is the BMW Museum, hundreds of thousands of people visit BMW's four-cilinder BMW tower and the bowl-shaped museum next to it each year. The museum showcases the technical development of cars and motorcycles and also has some exhibits on the history of the company.
  4. Visit Munich Residence (Residenz Munchen). The Tresury holds important artifacts and there are some very impressive rooms located within the Residenz. Or go to Viktualienmarkt, the city's largest and most famous outdoor marketplace.
  5. Tierpark Hellabrunn is a must, the huge complex of buildings makes it one of the most enjoyable museums you will ever visit. Plan to spend a great portion of the day there since there are so many exhibits and rooms to see.

Sights on Map

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