Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is the largest archipelago in the World. It is also the largest Muslim country in the World. The island country is hugely popular with divers, snorklers, sun worshippers and surfers. As a tropical country its largest attractions are the numerous and beautiful beaches, the largest contiguous rainforest area, many national parks and active volcanoes. Indonesia is also very cheap for Western people, so shopping can be surprisingly interesting.

Population: 1,173,109,000
Capital city: New delhi
Neighboring countries: China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh
Official languages: English, Hindi
Skill level of the English language : Moderate
Emergency numbers: 100 (poliisi), 102 (ambulanssi), 101 (palokunta)
Currency: Indian rupee (INR)
Electric plugs: C, D, M
Voltage: 230 V
Tipping in a restaurant: Most restaurants include a service charge on your bill, otherwise a 5 to 10% tip is appreciated.
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